Friday, October 22, 2010

Colon cancer Raising Funds for liver and lung surgery

Its been awhile since I wrote on here.... here it goes, I need up to date surgery. They don't offer it here in Canada, so I will have it done in the States, so I asking for you all over the world to come together and help me save a life my life you don't know me but Im everyone daughter, someone child, a wife, a mother,a friend a sister, everyone has it in their heart to donated to save a life it doesn't cost much a buck or two makes a difference, once everyone joins together means alot....
Even got my house for sell to come up with some of the money I need for surgery..... They don't offer this type of surgery here in Canada, so now marie my daughter and I are fund raising for the money. So we know with the love of other and the caring, the way to go is to fund can pay by paypal, cheque or money orders, drafts can be made out to Wendy Moldovan and sent to box: 303 Lemberg Saskatchewan Canada, s0a2b0

Love you
God Bless us all


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hard Summer

while its been a hard summer with chemo making me so sick, in and out of the hospital I only wished it would be better then this, who Im I kidding I have cancer facing death is hard, how does one face death? I had no surgeons answer my Blog, see you have to have money they don't do freebees, while its just me and god

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doctors Help me please

Geting a call from the cancer clinic to come in early for appointment are scarey, cause the mind goes to thoses dark thoughs that something wrong, I was book to see my oncologist on July 14 but they called me in early June 29 oh oh whats wrong to go over my ct scan report, I was scared thinking the cancer must of spread, I was feeling more pain then I was befor, so of course that was it, the cancer must of spread, so when they did phone I was trying to get the nurse to answer some questions, like how bad the ct scan report was.. he didn't answer me back, well all know that they can't give out that information befor your Doctor can, but I had to Im setting at the clinic with my hubby..wondering how bad the news was going to be, because up to this point its been all bad news and only having 4 chemo treatments and the pain I was in, I was thinking that new drug Avastin didn't have a chance to work, I was called into his office, the nurse put my file down and said a few words and left, I went to peek into my file to see what the report said, all I seen was wide spread, OMG.. see I said its spread, my husdand said get out of there you don't know how to read those reports let the Doctor read it to you, ok I said but that wide spread stuck into my head, Doctor comes in sets and opened my file and starts to read it to me, and he said the tumors are shinking, of course I answered back..what? I had 4 treatments with delay.. How can this be? Must be our Father up in Heaven plus my brother Jesus helping me. They heard me.. When I talk to them.
The Doctor said one of my Kidneys are swollen, I asked him on the right side he said yes, I was wondering what was causing me all that pain, and I thought the cancer was spreading here it was my Kidney, so off to see another Doctor about that. Only I can find somes Doctors in Canada to do the other surgeries. That needed to remove all my cancer. In the USA they are saving people lifes with what they call salvage surgery by taking people with many tumors all over the place liver, lungs etc and doing this type of surgert plus chemo, they have a better chance of life, like a 30% chance but I cann't affort to have surgeries and if I go to the states, its going cost me more then I can afford, I have no money, with the market the way it is I can't even sell my place, put it up for sell over an year ago and still nonthing can't even win a lotto, I even emailed Dr Phil show and all the other I guess they only answer the easy I still have God and Jesus thats helping me, maybe theirs Doctors out there somewhere that will take me in for free. I can wish

Jesus ( I copied this quote, I did not write this, but I did like it )

You know the disease that you have now in your body has already been borne by Jesus on the cross so you need not have it anymore cos God loves you and it is God's will that you be well. And by every stripe that fell on Jesus you are healed. You dont have to qualify to be healed..Cos Jesus already paid for it.

It is every human being's blood- bought right to be healed and well. Cos the price was paid by God himself. Because he died you give you healing. Receive your healing right now..

Pray this out loud. Daddy God, I come to you because of Jesus. Thank you for sending your beloved son Jesus to pay for my sins and bear away my sickness because you love me. Jesus, thank you that you came all the way from heaven to bear my sins and sickness on the cross, because you loved me. Thank you Jesus that all my past, present and future sins are forgiven because of your precious blood that was shed for me. Jesus, you allowed your body to be scourged and broken, just for me so that I can be healed of my disease.

Thank you Jesus. I receive my healing right now cos you have already paid for it. I declare that I am healed right now.

"Surely he (Jesus) has borne my diseases and carried my pains, the chastisement for my peace fell on Him and by His wounds I was healed"

It may be a fact that you have the sickness..and the pain may seem more real than the truth that Jesus bore your sickness on the cross. Its just a matter of time as you keep believing the truth that Jesus bore your diseases on the cross, the fact will change. Truth is always constant but facts change and have to conform to the truth..

When Jesus was scourged, he got up again and again to position himself to be beaten again because he wanted you healed. He never spoke up when the whip lash fell on his back because he kept his mouth shut and received the wounds on his back, today, you can speak up and say that you are healed. Keep saying out loud "By the strokes that fell on Jesus, I am healed"