Friday, October 22, 2010

Colon cancer Raising Funds for liver and lung surgery

Its been awhile since I wrote on here.... here it goes, I need up to date surgery. They don't offer it here in Canada, so I will have it done in the States, so I asking for you all over the world to come together and help me save a life my life you don't know me but Im everyone daughter, someone child, a wife, a mother,a friend a sister, everyone has it in their heart to donated to save a life it doesn't cost much a buck or two makes a difference, once everyone joins together means alot....
Even got my house for sell to come up with some of the money I need for surgery..... They don't offer this type of surgery here in Canada, so now marie my daughter and I are fund raising for the money. So we know with the love of other and the caring, the way to go is to fund can pay by paypal, cheque or money orders, drafts can be made out to Wendy Moldovan and sent to box: 303 Lemberg Saskatchewan Canada, s0a2b0

Love you
God Bless us all



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